Video - examples

Displacement II 2011

Plastic People 2010/11

TRANS - work in progress [2011]

FOE - 3 screen installation - 2011


FLUX - Performance 3 [example short film- 2011]

Displacement I [performance installation] - 2007

SUB - 2 screen performance installation - 2007

Experiments & research


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Displacement II & III is a work in progress. Material is drawn from macro photography of moss, flowers and plants in a derelict industrial workshop. This video gives an example of how some of the material may be constructed using multi layers to overlay images together with subtle distortions.

Displacement II & III will be ready in 2012

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Plastic People is a work in progress comprising images of mannequins and dolls. This video uses a manipulated still image to provide a narration. The words are adapted from the Billy Childish poem I am Billy Childish  See projects for more information.

Plastic People will form a body of multi media material for performance during 2012

TRANS [Z] is a work in progress looking to develop the wire frame and 3d material created for the FOE installation. This video gives examples of the type of material and how it may be used. Several structures are possible at the moment including a live performance version.

FOE -  a 3 screen installation created for Embrace Arts and Leicester University. This is a documentation of the kind of material used in the installation, but not the work itself. In March 2011 FOE was presented on 3 x 4:3 television screens together with a full room projection environment using one screen divided into 12 areas. 

FOE is currently available as a 3 screen installation See Projects for more detail.

A short documentation of a installation performance by members of Random Line Performance Company in 2010. The performance took place in Leicester and ran as a installation event rather than a performance event.

BREATHE is available as an installation performance event for adults with learning disability - through Random Line Performance Company

See projects for more details.

FLUX - Performance 3 - comprises still images of the third Flux performance in a quarry nr Matlock in Derbyshire. The event featured two performers (Male & Female) with three members of the audience each armed with a still camera. The prject explores our notions of disability and identity and is available as a installation using film and large scale photography.

See projects for more detail

Displacement I - designed as a two screen live installation performance. This video is a render of a performance. While the bank of material remains the same the interaction, order, mixing and duration change. For an example this is a short performance.

Created in 2007.

SUB - designed as a two screen live installation performance. This video is a render of a performance in Manchester during 2008. Sub was the first live performance installation created for audio visual samplers - this performance required two samplers with additional audio running from a third lap top.

Created in 2007.

Some short films made to demonstrate or explore an idea for future development.

Some are just for fun.