Most of the work undertaken by Andrew involves some element of research. This could be as simple as acoustic design or background research for projects. Working with new technology, people and compositional structures calls for constant development and innovation. Without research this would not happen

However over the past three years a model of working and collaborating with people with learning disability has led to a more formal research brief. This has been developed to better understand the effect and benefit (or not) of some of these ideas and models of practice. In 2010 Andrew was commissioned to develop new ways of using interactive multi media within a sensory education setting working with PMLD (Profound Multiple Learning Disability) Students.  This looked at current practice within schools together with the development of new models and material. and has led to a research programme exploring the following:. 

  • Models of working
  • Interface and programme development
  • Sensory education/development - including measurable effects of sensory environments within a learning process.
  • New digital media and its application within Learning Disability Culture
  • New ways of working with digital media
  • The digital environment - manipulation, control and ownership.
  • Models of collaboration within Learning Disability Culture.

Some of this work will take place with Random Line Performance Company and in collaboration with the Universities of Leicester and Nottingham.

Although this work is not complete regular information about the development and direction of this project will be posted on this page. If it interests you keep checking for updates or contact Andrew directly.  To view an example of the initial material created for this project click on the links below. The first is a short video together with information about the material, why it was created and how it was used. No statement of its effect or potential benefit has been included. The second links to a short film showing a simple use of a four screen projection room.

Information about the creation of video material for sensory room sessions

Short film of a 4 screen video environment for interactive workshop events.

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