Dark Matter - audio performance

Current performance under development using samplers, live electronics, voice and a Korg MS10 (original).

Duration 20 mins to ?

The material used in Dark Matter is textural with falling gestures.

Dark Matter excerpt (mp3)

Glass - audio performance

Performance using Glass instrument, samplers, live electronics, and audio feeds.

Glass takes many forms and relates only to the use of Glass instruments as a part of the performance. It is based upon loose structures which are formed and shaped by the nature of material used in each section (obvious really!). The two example audio files are provided to get an idea of one possible sound world within a performance.

Glass short excerpt (mp3)

It is rare for Andrew to undertake solo audio performance. Most of these are in the context of a unusual space, event or collaboration. The nature of the performance is often shaped by the space, using material which makes use of the acoustic or has relevance to the location. Often audio performance forms a part of a multi media installation. Two examples of installation based audio performances are given below.

Performance at loop installation

Cave performance, France 2005

Performance at Waterpower Installation

Glass short excerpt 2 (mp3)