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Displacement I

SURFACE TENSION is a new multi media installation commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council Arts Dept. for Rufford Gallery, Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire. It uses five TVís together with projection and four channel sound to explore notions of love, marriage and relationships.

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FLUX comprises a set of still images together with multichannel sound. Images are of performance events set in outside locations. Performers and audience are subject to a set of guidelines which provide the structure for FLUX installations and events. The project is divided into sections (one for each performance) which vary in treatment depending upon the character of each individual. The project is based upon our societal notions of disability & identity and has been developed in collaboration with members of Random Line Performance Company.

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BREATHE is a unique multi media installation performance event available through Random Line Performance Company.

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SUB was originally designed and created as a two screen live audio visual performance. It was conceived in 2006 as a collaborative project with Rebecca Smith (Urban Projections) but completed in 2007 as a solo improvisational multi media performance piece. As such it toured in 2008 & 2009. A recording of a 15 minute performance in Manchester during 2008 is available for short term installation.

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Displacement I - a 2 screen audio visual installation made for live performance using audio visual samplers. Completed in 2007 as a pilot project looking at how the material could be used in a live performance situation. A recorded version is available for small scale installation. Material used in this project is currently being developed as Displacement II & III (see below).

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Displacement II
Plastic People

Displacement II & III.

A new body of work currently under development. Comprising images of fauna growing wild in Derbyshire (England) on derelict industrial land, together with images of industrial buildings and location sound recordings.

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Plastic People (working title) A series of films, images, performance events and installations comprising images, audio recordings and animations based upon models of people and artificial representation of human form and emotion.

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TRANS - a sound installation with supporting images - building upon material created for the FOE performance installation commissioned by the University of Leicester and University of Nottingham in 2011.

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Random Line 
Performance Company


A long term project initiated and founded in 2005 creating multi media performance events, installations and interactive workshops with adults and young people with learning disabilities. Over the past 6 years Random Line has developed into a internationally recognised company touring new work challenging  commonly held perception of disability.

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Body - Space - Image

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BODY - SPACE - IMAGE (The Body Project).

A long term project started in 1997 and running until 2005 looking at various aspects of our relation to image and body shape. Full body casts were made, together with video, sound, dance and physical performance to create a series of events held between 1998 and 2005. Although not a current project some of the themes and methodology used have been progressed through other material - providing strands of continuity based upon a continued interest.

Ensemble 8 (E8).

A contemporary music ensemble and artist development programme running from 1997 to 2006. Although primarily based upon music & sound production it crossed several different media and also included research, training and art form development.

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