Selected list of commissioned works and projects from 1987 to 2012


Surface Tension

Audio visual installation using 5 TV screens, projection and 4 channel sound.

Commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council Arts Dept for installation at Rufford Gallery, Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire during February 2012. Surface Tension is available as an installation from March 2012 - more information can be found under Multi Media.

Media: Still image, Video & Sound


A new multi media production with Random Line Performance Company.

Commissioned by Embrace Arts for a nation conference looking at new artistic directions within learning disabled arts projects. Flow will receive its first performance in March 2012 in Leicester and will develop some of the visual material used in the Tranz project (see below).

Media: Physical Theatre, Dance, Video & Sound



Composition for performance and audio visual installation using 4 screens and a multi speaker diffusion system.

Commissioned by Leicester University, Nottinghamshire University and Embrace Arts as a pilot for a possible Artist in Residence project at Leicester University (see below). First Shown at Embrace Arts, University of Leicester in March 2011 Tranz uses images from Gamma Cameras (provided by the Nuclear Medicine Dept at Queens Medical Centre) together with  semitransparent rotating 3d video wire frames. Tranz is still under development and is currently a digital 3 screen video installation and multi screen performance installation with sound. It will be available as a full performance in 2012.

Artist in Residence

Pilot Project -  Artist in Residence at the Space Research Centre, Leicester University.

This project has only just begun and will hopefully take place over a three year period. Tranz (above) was a pilot for future work with the Space Research Centre and the Space Centre at Leicester University. Andrew is currently working with Dr John Lees and Professor Alan Perkins (Dept of Nuclear Medicine at Queens medical Centre, Nottingham University) to develop new projects, ideas and events.


Surface Tension

Double Bass, modified Piano and electronic score.

Written & performed in 2010 Surface Tension uses pure acoustic recordings of the Double Bass mixed with subtle electronic treatments of both bass and piano sound. This work has a very simple structure and marks new direction for Andrews work and has been used as part of the sound for the SURFACE TENSION installation. All material performed by the composer.  Duration: 7mins  Media: Audio

Audio Visual Installation and still images.

FLUX forms a part of a longer term project exploring notions of disability together with innocence and identity. Stemming from the Body Project, this new installation comprises still images, a 10 minute video loop and a low frequency modulating soundscape. Images are of a male performer wearing nothing but a face mask. They are re coloured and treated to create an artificial environment -  a safe place for the character to exist.

Media: Audio Visual & Photographs .



Audio Visual Performance Installation for Random Line Performance Company.

Breathe comprises live video and sound together with improvised performance - it has been designed to provide a new performance medium for learning disabled people. This project is a part of a long term research project (see Projects) and is currently touring as a part of the Random Line Performance Company programme. Breathe features the DRONE Machine created as a live instrument for learning disabled performers.

Breathe is currently Touring.

Sensory Education Research Project

Artist in Residence at St Giles School, Retford, Nottinghamshire, England from 2010 to 2011.

A research project creating video, sound and developing new interactive process for pupils with profound multiple learning disabilities Researching the possible use of light and sound frequency within a educational context. This involved working intensively with 12 students together with teaching staff and support staff. This project also enabled members of Random Line Performance Company to work with pupils across the whole school (230 pupils) introducing and experimenting with the Random Line model of work. Could this transfer to an educational setting? 


Second Skin

Artistic Direction, Sound & audio visual digital material for touring production by Random Line Performance Company

Second Skin toured nationally during 2009 & 2010 and comprised 60 minutes of multi media material projected in 3d using physical objects combined with physical theatre and dance. It created a full sensory environment in which narrative is not necessary to enjoy the performance. Second Skin is based upon one persons perception of themselves and how this can change if they use costume/clothing to change other peoples perceptions. The video and audio provided much of the context for this narrative and included interactive moments where the video becomes one of the central characters.


Outdoor projection Installation for Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire as a part of the Festival of Light.

Live Video & still images projected onto Rufford Abbey - commissioned by Nottingham County Council for the Aurora Festival of light. Aurora was aslo featured as a part of the York Festival of Light in 2010 with projections onto the side of York Minster.

The Devil’s Doctor

Music and Sound design for Shifting Sands Theatre Company

The Devils Doctor is based upon the life and work of Paracelsus (who challenged the contemporary ideas of medicine based upon humours [Galeon]).  Toured nationally in  2009 and 2010. THE DEVIL’S DOCTOR celebrates the riotous life of this mercurial Renaissance man as he weaves his fractious, meandering and decidedly tipsy path through the social, intellectual and religious upheavals of his time. Using a rich blend of clown and grotesque theatre, Commedia dell’Arte and puppetry, Shifting Sands reveal a world in tumult, peopled by revolutionaries, visionaries and charlatans… the world of Martin Luther and Hieronymus Bosch. We paint a portrait of a remarkable age, while raising questions about our own understanding of the world, and the consequences of modern ideas and inventions. See www.shiftingsandstheatre.co.uk for more info.


Displacement II

Audio Visual 2 screen installation performance.

Designed as a body of audio visual material for performance using a audio visual sampler. The material is controlled and developed over time and can be manipulated and restructured during performance. Material for Displacement originates from a small patch of derelict industrial land near Matlock, Derbyshire. It features accidental art, flowers, vegetation, decay and rebirth. See current projects for more information.

Paper Aeroplane Project

Artistic Direction, and collaboration with musicians from ViVa Orchestra and James Warner Prophesies.

Devised new works and performances. Andrew used audio visual samplers, audio samples, theremin, stylophone, live electronics and created instruments as a part of each performance. The Paper Aeroplane project toured during 2008 & 2009 as a part of the Sinfonia ViVA programme.

Land on Your Own Moon

Digital media - live projection performances

Devised new audio visual works and performances under the title Land on your own Moon. Working with members of Random Line Performance Company. Land on your own moon used audio visual samplers together with streamed video to create live multi screen digital performances. Material from this project toured in 2008, 2009 and 2010.



Audio Visual 2 screen installation performance

A bank of images, video and sound to be played live using an audio/visual sampler. Some of the images were created with Rebbeca Smith. SUB presents a passage through unconscious states exploring notions of freedom & sexuality. Originally designed as a part of a touring performance which would continue to develop new material and structure, SUB also now exists as a two screen film (recorded live during a performance in Manchester 2008). 

Personal Space

Artistic direction, sound & audio visual digital material for touring production by Random Line Performance Company

Personal Space toured nationally during 2007& 2008

Ghosts in the Machine

Music for Film

A 80 min documentary looking at the development of air travel and the jet engine. Commissioned by Discovery Channel and in collaboration with Rolls Royce, Derby.



10 Audio visual installations created with people from Rolls Royce Derby as part of 6 month training project.

A Collaboration with ViVA and Leon Davies (video artist)


Chamber Ensemble (trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) live electronics and audio visual sampler.

Commissioned by Sinfonia ViVA as a part of a Composer in Residence project in Derby, England. This work makes use of a audio visual sampler as a instrument within an acoustic ensemble. It appears in score form with its own notation - attempting to register both visual and aural information. The chamber ensemble is fully notated, however there are free(er) sections for the audio visual material. Journey 1 was first performed at the Assembly rooms in Derby in 2006 and I believe that this is the only work to use  audio visual instruments as full members of a classical musical ensemble. (I may not be right about this, but have not come across another instance). 

Rolls Royce Deutschland

Music for Film

Commissioned by Rolls Royce in Germany. Created in collaboration with Rebbeca Smith

Hidden Voice

6 screen audio visual installation depicting images relating to disability and exploring emotional states.

Each screen is treated as a character within a performance - the relationship between the screen forms a narrative through which the installation explores varied emotional states. Hidden Voice proved to be very controversial when installed in Mansfield Museum (UK) and the comments book is a sad reflection of some peoples attitude toward disability. Some of the comments will form a part of a new installation at some point in the future. A full description of this project can be found at www.randomline.co.uk

With Random Line Performance Company

Derby Residency

Music composition project with people from Derby (and surrounding area) culminating in a series of performances

Working with musicians from Sinfionia ViVA, pupils from 3 schools, Derby College and students from Derby University to create a new performance piece and a video installation at the Assembly Rooms, Derby.

Installation Performance with Random Line Performance Company

Light Sculpture, 6 Channel Sound, video and physical theatre performance. Light toured nationally in 2006 and 2007. Images taken of light can be found at www.randomline.co.uk

Light III

Audio Visual composer and performer with D.A.V.E. (Digital Audio Visual Experience)

D.A.V.E. creates club based audio visual performances using audio visual samplers, turntables, etc. Together with video artist Leon Davies and others D.A.V.E undertook residencies at Stealth, Nottingham and Five Lamps in Derby creating 2 hour sets of live audio visual performance. D.A.V.E was invited to perform at the South Bank Centre with Addictive TV and Peter Greenaway in 2007 - however for some reason we decided that the club format and urban material was too limiting for our creativity and new formats and visual cultures needed to be found to enable live audio visual material to find its own distinct voice.  



6 channel audio installation for the Chapter House, Southwall  Minster,

A six channel audio installation commissioned by the BBC and London Sinfonietta for the Chapter House within Southwall Minister, Nottinghamshire. It comprised recordings of young people from Shirebrook in Derbyshire talking about love and family together with sounds generated from source recordings of bells and the local environment. Unconditional Love formed part of project involving composer Gavin Bryers and the London Sinfonietta. Gavin attended the launch of this installation which also featured a public interview/discussion between Andrew and Gavin exploring their respective work and drawing comparisons of approach and tonality. The audio material used in this installation was developed in Andrew’s studio using converlution recordings to emulate the unique acoustic of the Chapter House. This process enabled Andrew to work within a simulated acoustic environment so as to create material which would use the unique character of the space itself as a part of the composition process.   

Unconditional Love

Red Mask & Tree

Chamber Orchestra

Commissioned by Sinfonia ViVa to mark the end of the Artist Residency at Rolls Royce. The score is for 8 (split into 2 groups on left and right of stage) ,4,4,2 - 0,2,2,1,1 and percussion. Duration 10 mins [Score and recorded media including video of first rehearsals and performance are available from Rolls Royce,]


Multi Media Performance

Created with Random Line Performance Company. A DVD documenting this work together with a short documentary about the Random Line process and philosophy is available from Random Line Performance Company and Arts Council, England

Music composition project with people form Corby, UK

Andrew worked with pupils from four schools together with a DJ group and students from Corby college to produce a large scale music performance. The project was a part of Andrew’s work with ViVa and funded by Arts Council, England through ViVA and Northamptonshire County Council

Corby Residency

Founded Random Line Performance Company working creatively with adults with learning disabilities.

See Random Line Performance Company for more details. Funded by Arts Council, England.

Random Line Performance Company


Music for the 2004/5 national video for Rolls Royce in the UK

Commissioned by Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce, England

Performance Installation held with caves in Orbiere, France

A Ensemble 8 project which developed a series of performance installations in underground spaces. The Orbiere project was the third in this series. Performing for E8 were Andrew Williams, Isabel Jones, Duncan Chapman and Peter Shelton with text created and performed by Tony Baker..

Underground III


Appointed as the first Artist in Residence for the Rolls Royce company, Derby, England.

Artist In Residence Rolls Royce.

A project working to create new music with young people in London, Bedford and Leicester

Sound Ideas Project was created by the BBC and formed a part of the Philharmonia Programme. The BBC commissioned  Ensemble 8 to work with young people in three locations to produce new devised music. A recording of this project together with full documentation is available from the BBC - Sound Ideas.

Sound Ideas Project


Performance Installation in Temple Mine, Matlock, Derbyshire

An Ensemble 8 project creating a sound performance installation in a disused mine in Matlock Bath Derbyshire. The audience were led around the mine in groups of 25 - staying for up to 1.5 hours underground.

Underground II

Music Composition and performance projects with young people in Worcestershire

Andrew worked with young people across the County to create a series of music and sound performances & recordings. A CD and documentary DVD of this project is available from Worcestershire County Council arts dept

Composer in Residence

Ensemble 8 Album ‘ Where are we now?’ released by Voiceprint (UK) and Resurgence Records (USA)

Where are we now? opens with a short powerful rhythmic loop, speeding up and disintegrating to reveal a dark texture developed throughout the CD. It ends with a 22 minute filtered texture, which moves and morphs over time to create a tranquil, seemingly infinite space. Text used in the CD, appears as fragments, ideas and pure theatrical objects. Powerful sound is a route to ecstasy - a state of being beside oneself with anxiety, astonishment, fear or passion.

This CD may now be out of print - it is certainly hard to get hold of.

Ensemble 8 CD release


Voice and digital media for the Wirksworth Festival, Derbyshire, England

IA sound and video installation for the Wirksworth Festival (Derbyshire, England) in collaboration with dancer Debi Hedderwick. Material from Labels was later adapted as a dance work and was performed in the Millennium Dome as a part of the opening festival. It was commissioned with funds made available by the Year of the Artist (YOTA)


Ensemble 8 British Tour and New Connections Tour (Europe)

Ensemble 8 created a set for touring with performances across Britain and Europe - A part of the New Connections project developed and supported by the British Council

Ensemble 8

A series of performances within inflatable structures created by Architects of Air.

Andrew Williams together with Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman created a series of performance events as Ensemble 8 for Architects of Air. The performances used a multi speaker system with speakers placed around the outside of the structure. In total 42 speakers were used to diffuse sound throughout these large spaces

Ensemble 8

3rd national course for sound artists, composers and interesting performers

A challenging course and creative lab for composers and sound artists. 32 Hours was developed  by Andrew and run through Ensemble 8 artists development programme. 32 hours is the amount of time available to create, explore and document as many ideas as possible through a devising process. Participating artists were asked to document and present an idea to stimulate a creative collaborative process. Each event was documented though recording and images, but not published as it was intended that 32 hours provided stimulation and a safe place to explore dangerous ideas. This course was funded by the Britten Pears Foundation for a three year period.

32 Hours III


British Tour and artist development programme

National tour by Ensemble 8 together with a series of training an development days for sound artists, composers and performers held through out the year.

Ensemble 8

2nd national course for sound artists, composers and interesting performers

See above: Funded by the Britten Pears Foundation

32 Hours II

Performance Installation - Abbey Pumping Station, Leicester, UK

Ensemble 8 performances in a Victorian pumping station as a part of the New Works Festival, UK

Underground I

Light II

Sound Installation - 6 channel speaker system

Reworked version of the Light sound installation for IRCAM, Paris, Art 2000 (World Digital Art conference)


Sound Installation - 6 channel speaker system

Commissioned by the Harley Gallery and Nottingham Trent University (UK) Light used high frequency sound together with spoken text played across six speakers suspended in tress outside the gallery.

Human Error

Live electronics, Trumpet Soloist, Brass Ensemble and recorded media

Working with trumpet soloist Alison Balsam Human Error was created for an event at the Assembly rooms in Derby featuring young brass players. The title and structure allows for mistakes in intonation and timing to become a valid part of the work. It was conceived as a large scale community work in collaboration with professional musicians. Commissioned by the East of England Orchestra.

Cornwall Residency

Academy of St Martin in the Fields Residency in Cornwall for July

Creating new work for performance and installations with school groups and older people in and around Truro


British Tour and artist development programme

National tour by Ensemble 8 together with a series of training an development days for sound artists, composers and performers held through out the year.

Ensemble 8

Release of first E8 album entitled: Ensemble 8 - Voiceprint (UK) and Resurgence Records (USA

REVIEW - This eponymous CD is the first album released by the British collective Ensemble 8. Recorded in August 1999 (one track was recorded live in October 1998), this disc takes the listener on an aural journey, blending sound art and new age, live electroacoustics and free improv. This music is elusive upon first hearing: a rhythm pattern here, ethereal vocals there, but not much ground to put one's feet down. After two or three listens, Ensemble 8 reveals its beauties -- Isabel Jones' vocal (treated or not) charms, the steady musical floorings (parts of "Rupak," "Solitary") cleverly contrasting with freer moments, and the blend of acoustic instrumentation (double bass, hand percussion, cello, voice) and technology (samplers, live electronics) bring a wide array of textures. On "Windows," the singer's voice is sampled in real time by three different machines treating and feeding the sound back, creating a poetic sound sculpture. Great care has been given to the qualities of sounds, their interactions, their evocations. Ensemble 8's music often retains a ghostly pop song quality that makes it pleasant and accessible. This CD is an impressive debut. ~ François Couture, Rovi

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/ensemble-8-avant-garde-album#ixzz1Skfwhppb

This CD is still available in shops and online.

Ensemble 8

1st National Course for sound artists, composers and interesting performers

See Above: Funded by Britten Pears Foundation

32 Hours I

Sound & Video Installation, Body Casts and Performance

The Culmination of a two year project with Installations, performances and events  in England, Barcelona and Hong Kong. Supported by the Guilbenkian Foundation, Arts Council of Great Britain and the British Council   Collaborations with Ruth Allen (casting), Debi Hedderwick (Dancer) & Isabel Jones (Dancer). See PROJECTS for more information

Multi Media - sound, video, light, dance, physical theatre, photography, live performance by Ensemble 8 together with created physical objects and body casts.

The Body Project- Body, Space, Image

Ensemble 8

Appointed Artistic Director for Ensemble 8

Live Electronics, Viola, Double Bass and DAT.    Music for Dance.

Created for a dance performance and later adapted for Theremin and DAT (Digital Audio Tape) for soloist Ray Lee, Land Mass takes its title and form from the idea f ‘people’s cathedrals’ - exploring spaces and places that can be regarded as spiritual. Commissioned by the East of England Orchestra for the Pulling Stings events.

Land Mass


Performance piece with live electronics, violin, DAT (Digital audio tape), two dancers and pupils from St Benedicts School.

Commissioned by the East Of England Orchestra Steam uses sound recorded at Stainsby Mill, Derbyshire to create a score for others to build upon..


Sound Installation

14 speaker sound diffusion, light, sculpture and video for Nottingham Castle and the Museum of Science and Technology, Manchester. In collaboration with Ray Lee.


Performances at Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham UK

A series of events combining live electronics, samples and acoustic instruments diffused through multi speaker systems. Crack and Debris used recordings taken from Shining Cliff woods (Derbyshire, UK) as a source for the material. This linked with the visual artist Michael Porter whose work provided the setting for the events. .

Crack & Debris


To light you to bed

Music Theatre Commission for live electronics, amplified objects, voice and four performers (various instruments)

A 60 minute music theatre work commissioned by Stamford Arts Centre & the Year of Opera and Music Theatre with text by Tony Baker. To light you to bed began the process of experimenting with a physical devising process which would later underpin the work with Random Line Performance Company and other physical theatre companies.


Audio Visual Installation

Commissioned by APM for a sixteenth century water mill. The installation comprised multi channel sound, light, video and moving objects powered by a water wheel. In collaboration with sound artist  Peter Shelton.

The Air we Breathe

Commission to create a new composition for live electronics, recorded sound, bassoon, violin and clarinet together with pupils from schools in Derby

A short work in 3 sections - Quite- The noise of People - Unwanted Noise - commissioned by the East of England Orchestra for the Big Bang event..  


Commission for Radio Broadcast

Civilising Instinct comprised  manipulated recordings featuring people who were (or knew of) conciensus objectors during World War II combined with electro-acoustic material to produce a 40 minute piece for radio. Commissioned by the National Theatre and Radio 4.

Civilising Instinct


Connecting Flight

a music theatre performance involving over 100 people from Leicester.

Commissioned by Leicester International Music Festival


Electro-acoustic performance installation for the Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich.

The work used diffused light controlled by physical filters within the building together with 6 channel sound and 6 performers/dancers. This work was re-staged for performances at Norwich Castle in 1995. AKT was a collaboration with choreographer, Holly Cooper (New Zealand) and visual artist Beata Manislovska (Romania)



Project creating street percussion performances using large objects within Norwich City Centre. Created for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival

Commissioned by Eurocreation and Zap Productions (Brighton, UK)



Violin, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Bb Clarinet, Cello & tape

2nd Law is based upon the second law of thermodynamics and the concept of entropy. The composition process uses PIG’s (Prime inverted groups) for the first time in a commissioned work. Andrew developed the idea of PIG’s during 1991 as a tool for developing small motifs within a harmonic context. 2nd Law was commissioned by Kings Lynn Festival.

2nd Law


 Violin, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Bb Clarinet

A two minute work commissioned for Ensemble X by Intermedia

Two Minutes


Two short works for Dance and Film

Composition of music for two dance companies created to make new work for film. These were commissioned by the BBC and broadcast on BBC 2 in 1991.


Orchestra & Electro Acoustic Composition together with stage direction for a large scale dance piece with over 100 performers - commissioned by the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Earthly Delights was created in collaboration with Director and Choreographer Val Baxter. Based upon the Garden of Earthly Delights by BOSCH it won the Sainsbury award for unique music and dance performance in 1991..

Earthly Delights


Bending the Bow

Composition for Young String orchestra

Commissioned by Norfolk County Council (Norfolk County Youth Orchestra), published by Oxford University Press

Winner of the City Limits Young Composer Award for Orchestral work Stage V - see below

City Limits Young Composer



Composition for String Orchestra

Commissioned by Norfolk County Council


Electro-acoustic composition for multi speaker diffusion.

Completed at the Studio at University of East Anglia using analogue equipment only. Shortlisted  for the ISCM world music festival award in 1994


Stage V

Solo voice/performer & orchestra.

Winner of the City Limits Young Composer Award (1989)

More information including the original score and a copy of the only recording of this piece can be found at THE COLLECTION - an archive of scores, recording and information for UK Contemporary music from Sound and Music see:  http://soundandmusic.org/thecollection/node/59950

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