Gas Federation is the production name(alter ego) for material which is slightly (only slightly) more accessible and fits within popular culture. It is not intended that this has less value, but it is different. In order to work with people across all age ranges it is important to be able to understand production and techniques involved in other genres. The Gas Federation productions help with this process. Also they are fun to create and have been used in a number of different events including club nights and as performance material with D.A.V.E. (Digital Audio Video Experience). In 2008 a collection of some of this material was released on a CD entitled CONTROL through T.D.S. (Ten Dead Sheep) productions.  There are no plans for a second CD, but material will be published when appropriate. 


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Gas Federation takes its name from events and social meetings held at gas showrooms (founded in 1953. They were introduced to help women cook using gas (rather than ranges) and understand the new gas supply (North Sea as opposed to coal gas). I had to attend many Gas Federation meetings as a child with my grandmother. As an event I found them intimidating and full of frightening women wearing fruit on hats with oversized coats. Memories of these meetings have stuck with me as and the political and social significance of their existence is interesting. (the meetings became very political and quite subverted the original intention [they did in Rotherham anyway] - an interesting world!

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From the Database of Archives of Non-Governmental Organisations.

The Women's Gas Federation promoted amongst women the domestic use of gas, along somewhat similar lines to the activities of the Electrical Association for Women (EAW). There were branches from Buckie in Scotland to St Austell in Cornwall. Some branches carried on as independant groups after 1994.