Composer, multimedia artist and creative thinker, Andrew Williams has been working in time based art and live performance since 1987. His work has a unique & distinctive  quality which underpins a broad, rich output including installations (sound, audio visual and sculptural), sound art, music for concert halls, dance & physical theatre productions, performance art, recorded sound, film and broadcast media. Work includes a specialism in creating digital projection environments and techniques for performance and live multi media events as well as having a international reputation for running participatory projects and facilitating a creative process through work with companies, groups and individuals.

The Sound, Multimedia Art, Philosophy and Work of Andrew Williams


Andrew has been creating new work since 1987 and has a complex output. To understand his work and the forces behind it (if that is possible) this site contains more detail than you may want. If you feel that this would not be of interest to you, use the quick links below for some commonly requested information.

Displacement BREATHE

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Plastic People Project SENSORY (stimulation) RESEARCH
Live Performance

Andrew occasionally releases sound material under the name Gas Federation - click the link to find out more.

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